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Daniel R. Moore
Conveying Financial Market Insights - Daniel R. Moore
MBA, Duke University Fuqua School, 1988

B.A. Financial Management & Service, Clemson University, 1984
Daniel Moore is creator of, a web portal created for the purpose of tracking the status of financial markets and providing investment analysis and portfolio management insights to investors.

Based on a systematic financial research process, he writes about the market and publishes his views through internet market publications.  Daniel's approach is to combine knowledge of risk assessment with sound data collection to provide superior, actionable information to investors seeking better investment portfolio performance.  

Uniquely Daniel began his investment analysis work by building a Monte Carlo simulation computer model to assess fair market value of a business using publicly available financial data. The program was used in the MBA classroom from 1989-1991. 

He is the author of the book titled "Theory of Financial Relativity" and his Financial Market Vigilante blog is syndicated on Personal Finance section and many of his articles are posted on
Research and investor education guides for use during the critical time when important investment decisions are made- no matter how difficult, ambiguous or seemingly incomprehensible.
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